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Item No.: B008
B737 Captain
9 Air  is a low-cost airline, created as a subsidiary of JuneYao Airlines in 2014.
1:Be one of a contracting country to ICAO;
2:Age between 30 and 57 for pilots flying B737,
  Age between 30 and 55 for pilots flying other aircraft other than B737;
3:3,000 hours and above in flying hours and 600 hours and above in PIC hours in large aircraft;
4:Have a good command of English in flight communication and daily exchange,
  and notes of English proficiency level equivalent to ICAO Band IV and above;
5:Have type-rating (type I) landing standard;
6:No record of flight incident or accident;
7:No-criminal record issued by the government authority of the pilot’s home country,
  region or the country he permanently resides (residence proof needed if issued by region or permanently residing country).
  No criminal record should be notarized in the same place. No criminal record and notarization shall be 6 months within by background check.
8:Be evidenced with a “no accident” assessment certificate issued by the airliner as former employer
9:Experience-losing period of type rating is no more than 12 calendar months.