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Item No.: B007
B737 Captain
Air Chang'an(Chang An Airline CO.,LTD) is an airline operating Chinese domestic flights from Xi'An XianYang International Airport,hub in Xi'An, ShanXi province.
 Initially an independent carrier, Air Chang'an merged with HaiNan Airlines in 2000 and leased all of its aircraft to the airline. 
Air Chang'an resumed service as an independent airline in May 2016, operated 26 domestic routes,providing flights to 30 Chinese cities.
<=55 years old
3000 total hours,500+PIC hours
passpaort validity at time of application 12 months
Valid CAAC-accepted ATPL&Medical-CAAC
ICAO LEVEL 4or above
Last flight with in 6 months&last flight on applied type within 12 months